The New Republic Online: Easterbrook - one reason why bloggers need editors. Easterbrook makes some good points up until the last paragraph, where he has three sentences that attack the Jewish religion which really don't need to be there, as the paragraph still makes sense without them.


Killing Comment Spam Dead :: The Daily Journey :: JayAllen.org - Comment spam hits Blogdex. These referral lists (1 2 3)
track the suspicious links. I won't even click them to see what they hold.


Welcome to Comcast High-Speed Internet!
Boston.com / News
Pitchfork: So Much For The Afterglow: The 20 Worst Post-Breakup Debacles - another funny article by the one who brought you the 50 most common used CDs...
The links below provided for the most part by blogdex, of course.
DRUDGE REPORT - Wesley Clark - why should I be surprised. Dems & Reps both want the same thing.
Electronic paper reaches video speed: Colour movies might soon be playing on single sheets.
Weblogs, Inc. - along with the previous post, the ubiquitous weblog post about weblogs.
Wired News: Toward a Weblogging Empire
YaBB - Yet Another Bulletin Board- cool program that Nina's site uses.
Pitchfork: Castoffs and Cutouts: The Top 50 Most Common Used CDs - very funny review of the 50 most common used CDs found in used record stores everywhere. I found some that I own. Veruca Salt's Eight Arms to Hold You was listed. I liked it though. Checked out Nina Gordon (the better songwriter) and saw she has her own site, complete with daily phone messages and mp3s.
Wired News: Thinking Different, Saving Money - Virginia Tech supercomputer
Nokia - Nokia Medallion FAQ Availability - wearables
Cyber Insecurity
Galaxy animation
The BBC Loses a Bit of Its Luster
CNN.com - Sagittarius being eaten by Milky Way - Sep. 25, 2003
The Matrix - why do I have to buy Quicktime 6 to see this?
Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Editorial / Opinion / Op-ed / Dumbing down American readers - Saying that children reading Harry Potter is better than not reading at all is like saying children eating candy is better than not eating at all.
Amazon.com: Books: Ubik


Battery Disposal Guide for Households - worried about the amount of batteries used lately.

More Cabin Fever

Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Living / Arts / A rabbit following - Darko

Salt Lake City Weekly - Cinema Clips

Movie Guide September 24, 2003

Fairfield County Weekly: Film Clips

Darko at the Brattle

philipkdick.com - The web site devoted to science fiction visionary Philip K. Dick
Q & A with Isa Hackett (Daughter of Philip K. Dick) on philipKdick.com

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MISHKA - Mishka rules? Huh?

Ananova - Student cuts off penis and tongue after drinking hallucinogenic tea - sick

Salon.com Technology | An open invitation to election fraud

Bush to World: Drop Dead! - The president lays an egg at the U.N. By Fred Kaplan

World Beard and Moustache Championships Carson City 2003

Cheeseburger and Fries, Wrapped Up in One

Wired News: Putting Your Calls Into Context

Fortune.com - Personal Fortune - Geek Eye for the Luddite Guys

FOXNews.com - Top Stories - Military Looks at Syria Connection to Gitmo Arrests

Issa, who started recall, now tells voters to reject it / Risk of GOP vote being split prompts call to retain Davis

Patriot Act Used In 16-Year-Old Deportation Case (washingtonpost.com)

TCS: Tech Central Station - The UN Party vs. The US Party?

BBC NEWS | Technology | MSN shuts down its chatrooms

plasticbag.org | weblog | On the weirdo in the perspex box...

L - Grand Canyon Displays Press Release

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic ice shelf splits - Larsen B last year, Ward Hunt this year. What next?


Headlines Powered by Business Wire

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chiefwiggles.blog-city.com Toys for Iraqi Children, shipping address 09/22/03

East Bay Express | eastbayexpress.com | Music Radiohead Rorschach,An innocent fifth grader's picture is worth a thousand-word critical analysis.,By Rob Harvilla The Alternative East Bay, Oakland connection for events, event listings, music reviews, CD reviews, and all of the latest alternative news from the East Bay, Oakland area.

Clark Never Called Karl

FOXNews.com - Politics - Raw Data: Text of Bush Interview

ICANN | Advisory | 19 September 2003

ICANN | Letter from Russell Lewis to Paul Twomey | 21 September 2003


Press slants Iraq news: Members=The Hill.com=

ajc.com | Opinion | Falsely bleak reports reduce our chances of success in Iraq

Putting a lid on broadband use | CNET News.com

The Courier-Mail: Australia 'world's gayest country' [23sep03]

The Fastest Man on Earth (Part 2 of 4)

The Atlantic | September 2003 | E.T. and God | Davies

Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/21/2003 | On Movies | Another movie, another sleazeball

Movies add a final surprise with 'codas'

Up & Coming Magazine

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel


Course to Success: Everything You Need To Succeed Beyond School
AskMen.com - Management intimidation technique
AskMen.com - Investment banking


Google Search: movie about nelson rockefeller

Movie News @ Hollywood.com. Find out what's happening in the world of movies. Cradle will Rock

Vice President Bio Nelson Rockefeller

Gia (1998)- Compare Prices at Yahoo! Video Shopping

Gia-Carangi.com - I love meeting brand-new Gia fans!

Amazon.com: Books: Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia

Amazon.com: Books: No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel

Amazon.com: Books: Cottonmouth Kisses

Amazon.com: Books: Beware the Club Girls

Amazon.com: Books: Goth Chic: A Connoisseur's Guide to Dark Culture

Micropayments and Web Comics: Let's Do the Math - Indignant Online

Amazon.com: Books: Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis

WZBC 90.3 FM - Newton, Massachusetts - Boston College

Google Search: Lucid sounds expanding awareness wzbc

Expand Your Mind: Boston Area Bookstores, Radio Shows, and Learning Centers

The Boston Music Scene


Boston AM Radio Directory: "Coast"


Boston rocked by 2-night crime wave

Superior Seamless Tuf-Flock/Velour Background Backdrop Material

Links to reviews of photography equipment which you will find useful

Check out Superior Specialties Dealers on the Web

Dick Blick Search Results - Powered by Atomz.com

Jacks Camera Shop

-- PHOTO TECH INC -- Studio Equipment and Accessories --->

New Beetle Convertible


Google phrase searches:

Google Search: "i haven't gotten any work done"

Google Search: "i wish i had more time"

Google Search: "if I had a million dollars, I would"

Google Search: "i am writing a book about"

Google Search: "i am writing a screenplay"

Google Search: "i know the secret of the universe"

Slick Pig sound music and 84758937594473598


wiki.theory.org - Php Wiki

PhpWiki WikiWikiWeb HomePage

SourceForge.net: Project Info - PhpWiki

Everything I Read I Blog - Google's cache is 2 days old
Nonliteral: Got Whuffie? - and this
Technorati: Link Cosmos - do a google search for "everything i read i blog" and you get this

Futher pursuit of Valis:

Google Search: In Pursuit of Valis: Selections from the Exegesis

disinformation | a memetics reader

Amazon.com: Editorial Reviews: The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick: Selected Literary and Philosophical Writings

Philip K. Dick -- Out of Print Books

PKD Survey

Trying to find out who owns the copyrights to PKD's stories:

Google Search: philip k dick copyright owner


Amazon.com: Listmania! Philip K. Dick

Amazon.com: DVD: The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick (2000)

Amazon.com: Books: Retrofitting Blade Runner: Issues in Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" and Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

Amazon.com: Books: What If Our World Is Their Heaven? The Final Conversations of Philip K. Dick - prompted me to look for "In Pursuit of Valis: Selections from the Exegesis" - found a used paperback for $69.98, and a hardcover for $85.

Amazon.com: Books: Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick

Amazon.com: Books: Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas

Amazon.com: Books: On Philip K. Dick: 40 Articles from Science-Fiction Studies

Amazon.com: Books: Valis - and here it is, Valis.

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Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Saudis consider nuclear bomb

The Hindu : I did not overrule military planners: Rumsfeld

The Hindu : I did not overrule military planners: Rumsfeld

Our War With France

Hoom! Maps and Walking Directions

Talk Like A Pirate Day - Sept. 19

CNN.com - Study: Sleeping position reveals personality - Sep. 16, 2003

Popular Science | The Worst Jobs in Science

Nobody Died When Clinton Lied

Yahoo! News - McDonald's to Launch Adult Happy Meals - found out about Bob Greene and the mysterious world of Oprah

Wired News: JetBlue Shared Passenger Data


The Poor Man: Via COINTELPRO Tool, Dave

DontSpyOnUs :: JetBlue: SCANDAL!

Art Watch - September 7, 2003 - MP3s Are Not the Devil - The Ornery American

BW Online | September 17, 2003 | Things That Go Beep In the Night

Ha'aretz - Article


Norman Jewison
Open Government Information Awareness
Wired 11.09: Neal Stephenson Rewrites History
CNN.com - Appeals court blocks California recall - Sep. 15, 2003
CNN.com - Clinton stumps for Davis - Sep. 14, 2003
CNN.com - Sources: Ben in Vegas, Jen in Miami after split - Sep. 15, 2003
CNN.com - Do-it-all director Robert Rodriguez - Sep. 15, 2003
The Onion | Take-Charge, Can-Do Guy Makes Horrible Decisions
DenverPost.com - ENTERTAINMENT - sounds like a plan - make commercial music worth it.
Salon.com News | New terror laws used vs. common criminals - it would eventually come to this
IRON HANK'S TRADING POST - blogdex getting spammed
Fair Labor Association: Welcome
Nike v. Kasky - Corporate Right to Lie? -Reclaim Democracy.org
Nike Move Ends Case Over Firms' Free Speech
Boston.com / Latest News / Northeast / Dalai Lama tells audience to seek peaceful resolution to conflict
Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Ideas / That sinking feeling

I went to high school with this guy

Google Search: "eli roth"


Interview with Eli Roth, the director of Cabin Fever - Weekly Dig

NZOOM - Entertainment - Film

Star Telegram | 09/13/2003 | Naked and scared is how 'Fever' director sees the world of horror

Metroactive Movies | 'Cabin Fever'

Something's Rotten Out in the Woods

'Cabin Fever' chills its potential - The Washington Times: Entertainment

IMDb :: Boards :: Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)

Stop Disney from butchering Hong Kong films!

IMDb :: Boards :: Cabin Fever (2002)

Yahoo! Movies: Cabin Fever (2003) - Movie Info

CABIN FEVER / *1/2 (R)

Boston.com / A&E / Movies

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EFF: RIAA Petition


Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The cheap way to the stars - by escalator

Blog for America


Misunderstanding Micropayments - Scott McCloud

Economist.com | Open-source software

Public Says $87 Billion Too Much (washingtonpost.com)

Historic Tale Construction Kit

A monster awakens?

Begging to Differ - September 2003 Archives

Yellowstone National Park - Press Release - Temporary Closure of Sections of Norris Geyser Basin


Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Bands reunited

Aliens in the Superstition Mountains, Abduction of Brian Scott in the Superstition Mountains, Reptoids, UFO's , Superstition Mountains, Arizona, Burlington UFO Center, Mary Sutherland, Living in the Light

The Mystery Spot

Burlington Ufo and Paranormal Research and Educational Center, Burlington News, Superstition Mountains, alien races and descriptions, abductions,Wisconsin UFO Reporting and research, hollow earth theories, ancient mysteries, alien photos, giants, Mars, Planet X,greys, earth quake monitors, sun monitors, ancient mysteries, ufo reports, roswell, aztec, ufo crash sites, military and government secrets, nazi ufo secrets, wisconsin, alien descriptions, ufo videos, encounters, paranormal gift stores, star wars, star trek

Alien Races and Descriptions, Alien Races, varginha ebe's,dropas, targzissians, biavilans, vegans, teros, venusian, ulterrans, ummites, ultraterrestrials, altairians,bernarians,janosians, reticulans, saurians, telosian, synthetics, sirians, orions, solarians, lyrans, serpents, sasquatch, prahing mantis , re-brid, pleiadeans, moon-eyes, phoenians, nordics, orange, wingmakers, mothmen, nagas, korendian, martians, men in black, dragonworms,jawas, leviathans, hu-breds, iguanoids, insiders, ikels, satyrs, hyadeans, hybrids, grails, hav-musuvs, suvians, the greens, deros, gypsies, greys, eva-borgs, gizan, gizahn, dwarfs, chameleon, chupacabra,draco-borgs, booteans, cetians, tau cetians, amphibians, burrowers, anakims, elder race, antarctican,atlans, Names and Descriptions of Alien Races from Burlington UFO Center in Burlingotn Wisconsin

Boston.com / A&E / Celebrity news / Surprise! Pixies kiss and make up and will hit the road
Pixies reunion unconfirmed at BILLBOARD
a fantastic opportunity
Contactmusic.com - Freeland - We Want Your Soul - released 01.09.03 - Watch the video now
Amazon.com: Music: We Want Your Soul [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] [ENHANCED]


Speed Freaks Do Bach - Please, stop turning sublime classical works into dance music. By Jan Swafford
Speed Freaks Do Bach - Please, stop turning sublime classical works into dance music. By Jan Swafford

Google Search: kurt cobain AND pixies

found Kurt Cobain's Last Stand - The crass, exploitative release of Nirvana's final song. By David Samuels

Pixies Google News alert:


Cult indie rockers PIXIES are to reunite for a tour next April, according
to Internet reports. The band officially split in 1993 ...

LEGENDARY Pixies To Reunite For Tour, Album - MTV

... feel the same way. In April, the legendary Pixies will reunite for
the first time in over a decade. The notoriously quarrelsome ...


Cult US rockers the Pixies look set to reform for a world tour in spring
2004, according to reports. The infamously quarrelsome ...

PIXIES now set to reunite for tour - RTE Interactive, Ireland

It is reported that legendary guitar band the Pixies are to reform and
go on tour again next year. MTV.Com reports that a spokesperson ...

PIXIES To Reunite For Tour In April 2004, Possible New Album - Pitchforkmedia.com, IL

Short of the Velvet Underground, there's no band more beloved, more important,
more cited as an influence in indie rock than the Pixies. ...

BLACK on track - Telegraph.co.uk, UK

One of the most influential bands of the '80s, Pixies split in acrimony.
Now Frank Black, the group's leading light, has re-emerged ...

More on the reunion:

FrankBlack.net - What's Going On

-= Frank Black Forum =- - reunion in april... album to follow?

-= Frank Black Forum =- - NME: Pixies reunion on the cards?

Hoping for a Pixies reunion tour:

Pixies set to reunite? - NME.COM

Pixies reunion on the cards? - NME.COM

Google Search: pixies tour

News: Pixies to reform?! Rub your eyes... - Drowned in Sound: "DiScuss: Would Frank Black be blowing everything The Pixies ever achieved if they reformed and were an absolute stinking, steaming pool of piss? Can he still cut it? Is anything sacred?"

Ananova - Frank Black doesn't rule out Pixies reunion tour

Ananova - The Pixies 'to reform for world tour and album'

Google Search: pixies fan site

the pixies :: gougeaway.tk

MTV.com - News -Legendary Pixies To Reunite For Tour, Album

MTV.com - News -Death To The Pixies

Boston Globe Online / Living | Arts / Catching the wave
Boston.com / Most e-mailed articles
Boston.com / News / Nation / Group sues 261 over music-sharing - citizens are being fleeced by corporations that have more money to protect their interests. With copyright ownership being extended to 70 years and massive cutbacks threatening our public library system, citizens will become classified as consumers, and rights will become something you can pay for.


CNN.com - Former child stars speak out - Sep. 8, 2003
CNN.com - 'Dickie Roberts' tops feeble box office pack - Sep. 7, 2003 - yup, it's a pretty sad day when you can pronounce a $7 million opening as a winner.


President Bush Addressed the Nation Sunday Night - I would like to see some honest criticism of this address from reputable sources.



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Wired News: Blaster Worm Still Making Mayhem

Dell's Software License Policy: Dude, you're getting screwed.

I, Cringely | The Pulpit

Boston.com / A&E / Movies / The kids are not alright: two views of lost youth

From Amazon wish list:

Amazon.com: Books: Simulacra and Simulation (The Body, in Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism)

Amazon.com: Used and New: A Writer's Companion : A Handy Compendium of Useful but Hard-To-Find Information on History, Literature, Art, Science, Travel, Philosophy and Much More

Amazon.com: The Anatomy of a Lawsuit

Amazon.com: Books: Modern Identity Changer : How To Create And Use A New Identity For Privacy And Personal Freedom

Amazon.com: Books: Acing Your First Year of Law School: The Ten Steps to Success You Won't Learn in Class

Amazon.com: Books: Journal 10 , 2002-2012 edition

Amazon.com: Books: The Investigator's Little Black Book 3

Amazon.com: Books: Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out

More from blogdex - the weblog diffusion index

Wired News: Turn Back the Spam of Time

NEWS.com.au | Man dies after wife squeezes testicles (August 29, 2003)

CNN.com - Teenager arrested in 'Blaster' Internet attack - Aug. 30, 2003

Alien Technology Online Catalog

James's Page - Time Travel Guy

Inert Ramblings: No Dimensional Warp Generator for me!

Zenkey foal a hybrid star - smh.com.au

FindLaw's Writ - Dean: GAO's Final Energy Task Force Report Reveals that the Vice President Made A False Statement to Congress - this is disturbing as it will probably go on ignored...

Wired News: Gaming Champs Can't Scrape By

The World's Worst Food - reminds me of those old Good Housekeeping magazines my mother used to get.

Jon Udell: Well-formed writing and information routing

Jon Udell: Well-formed writing and information routing - of all time? riiiiight.

Microsoft Bloggers Multiplying Exponentially - this lady sure is smug in her picture


BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Russian submarine sinks in Arctic

Survive 2012: Site Map


New from blogdex - the weblog diffusion index

Wired 11.09: MIT Everyware


Yahoo! News - DVD Copying Tools

MIT OpenCourseWare | Sloan School of Management | 15.279 Management Communication for Undergraduates, Fall 2002 | Syllabus

Not Up to Code? Embellishing the Flag, Then the Web Site (washingtonpost.com) - another example of the news catching up to bloggers. I read about this on blogdex months ago.

Wired News: RFID Gussied Up With Biosensors

LT SMASH - Archives

FOXNews.com - Clark Alleges White House Pushed CNN to Fire Him

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Siding with the powerless: Ideas from 60 years in journalism

Digital Spy - Full text of Greg Dyke's Edinburgh International TV Festival speech

My Own Business, Inc. - great site for tips on starting and operating your own business.
I've been seeing this more and more-- WSJ has an article in it's paper version today that talks about Spyware programs. Awhile back, I read about these in my Web travels and found some good software to prevent against spyware on my system-- Spybot is the name of one of the good ones. It seems that by using RSS and viewing blog link consolidators like blogdex, I am slightly ahead of the traditional news curve. It is as if I am getting news unfiltered, directly from the source, and the newspapers and tv news follows up a few days later with the same stories. I wonder when this will break down the traditional news media because their features no longer are relevant to their viewers.


Websites related to the end of the world in 2012. Most are New Age crappy websites, but this one is good: Survive 2012: Ancient Mayan Doomsday, Pole Shifts and Evolution as well as its news blog: 2012: Science News: Space, Evolution, Archaeology & Cataclysms.


2012: Science News: Space, Evolution, Archaeology & Cataclysms

Adventures Unlimited Home Page

Axum, Ethiopia - The Holy City

Wilson's Blogmanac


Gaianxaos: X-talks

Google News:

RIAA's Subpoena Strategy is Chilling Downloads: NPD

SoBig Virus Breaks Speed Records

CNN.com - A high-five for the latest in entertainment - Aug. 21, 2003

Manchester wins injunction against beggar in UK - Sify.com

Another sniper shooting?; deputy loses speeding truck
Herald Sun: Schwarzenegger to cut costs [22aug03]
The Onion | America's Finest News Source
ABCNEWS.com : Draft Bill Seeks Broad Power in 'Narco-Terror' Fight

blogdex - the weblog diffusion index:

The Gender Genie, Find out if text was written by a male or female

Wired 11.09: PowerPoint Is Evil - Edward Tufte critiques the limitations of Powerpoint. Went to his site and read his critique on MS Project's Gantt charts. Also read Tesugen's weblog where he talks about how Richard Feynman criticised Powerpoint bullets.

Referred to this book: Amazon.com: Books: The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition)

Software Project Management resources from Columbia U's Software Project Management course.


CNN.com - Man killed when hair catches on roller coaster car - Aug. 17, 2003 - This has got to be one of the worst ways to die next to getting decapitated by an elevator.
Trolling the message boards for Kuma Games which has decided it is a good idea to have us all relive the battles American's have won in current wars. See critical article: Plastic: Bowling For M.Bison
Amazon.com: Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism or Salon.com | Big lies - why is the US so partisan? is it to distract us from what is REALLY going on-- that these two parties, democrats, republicans, liberals, and conservatives, are both working on the same agenda-- namely business? I think so.
Amazon.com: Books: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Amazon.com: Books: The Kennedy Curse: Why America's First Family Has Been Haunted by Tragedy for 150 Years
zippymilk and the missing dvds - give the guy the benefit of the doubt (?)
Investigators in Sniper Case Join Inquiry in W. Virginia - i wonder if they caught the right guy in washington last year.
Meetup: Organizing local interest groups. - i looked at this for, like, a second. I am becoming aware of how large the internet is.
China Readies Super ID Card, a Worry to Some - first china, then the us.
Helped by Technology, Piracy of DVD's Runs Rampant in China - i saw this just yesterday at burger king. a chinese woman hawking her wares to the burger king staff.

Since I installed Sharpreader I should call this Everythingiwanttoreadbutdon'thavetimeto. Haven't read but will:

As Belated Converts, Schools Keep Vigil for Internet2

For Those Needing 32 More Bits

It's Back. But Can the New Napster Survive?

Making the Grades, and the Films, Too

Feeling lethargic? Blame the PC | CNET News.com - this explains why I feel tired all the time!
The Reverse Cowgirl publishes a book. Watch for You're a Bad Man, Aren't You in bookstores. About the Porn industry, which grew 1000% between 1985 and 2001 according to her site. She's not on Amazon, but here's a review of Almost famous she wrote in 2001.
About - The Game Neverending - another game
The NYC Budget Game - cool game. too easy though. i think i won.


City Journal Summer 2003 | How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back by John H. McWhorter - this applies more to the vituperative "gangsta" rap than rap in general, which can be as stylistically differentiated as jazz... Most rap these days is edging towards the "playa" style, rather than the "gangsta" style rap. Playas being womanizers adverse to long term commitments.
Instant Gratification - Visitor notification using AIM for blog owners - cool way to track users viewing your website in real time. probably could be applied to websites as well.
Half Life 2 - videos
Processing 1.0 _ALPHA_ >> Software
Amazon RSS feeds
Spyware and spyware removal


More from blogdex - the weblog diffusion index:

It's surprising that so many people didn't listen to Microsoft and update their systems with the latest patches. Now they're paying the price. And I didn't know that Bill Murray is the spokesman for the FBI.
Who said the greenhouse effect was bad?
Fox news should trademark "blur and tarnish."
Hey! Bruce Banner was working on a Gamma Bomb before Ang Lee stepped in and changed it into a genetic experiment.
The Internet Link Tax - Wouldn't it be great if you had to pay a tax every time you clicked a link on the Internet? Think about it -- .001 cent for every link clicked. And while we're at it, .005 cents for every e-mail sent. That would be about 1 cent for every hundred links, and 5 cents for every 100 e-mails. A year's worth of e-mail (roughly 10000 e-mails) would cost $500. And browsing... well, that would just be crazy.

From blogdex:


William Gibson
the controversial 45 minutes and the continued life of Dr. David Kelly.
Boston.com / News / Education / K-12 / Embattled school chief won't be fired mid-year, state official says. If he was his own boss, he would have fired himself years ago.
From Silicon chips to gallium arsenide to diamond wafers.
Wired 11.09: Confessions of a Baggage Screener
SABCnews Cultured gems challenge long-held diamond myths
Writing the book was hard. Publishing it doesn't have to be. Call toll-free 888/519-5121.
From blogdex:
Boston.com / Your Life / Fashion / Go Bronze, Young Man: A Guy's Instant-Tanning Guide
Boston.com / Sports / Baseball / Red Sox / Williams takes another hit

Google Newsalert - "layoffs"


  • SEVERAL city offices unscathed by layoffs - Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA

    While every last city crossing guard and emergency medical technician is
    facing layoffs, among hundreds of workers being sacked citywide, employees
    at some ...

  • WALKER orders 200 layoffs - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI

    ... Walker announced the unusual midyear layoffs and workweek changes in
    a "Dear County Employee" e-mail message after what he described as several
    rushed meetings ...

  • PRINCIPALS in place, but teacher layoffs unsettled - Pawtucket Times, RI

    ... said. Breault said she still wasn’t sure what the final totals on teaching
    jobs would be or if any layoffs would happen this fall. ...

  • RICHMOND manager threatens layoffs - Contra Costa Times, CA

    RICHMOND - Richmond may well face more layoffs in the coming days and weeks,
    mainly the result of a deadlock between public workers who were asked
    to help ...

  • ITC Apparently Escaping Merger-Related Layoffs - WTVM, GA

    A merger involving an area telecommunications company will mean 300 job
    cuts -- but apparently not in this part of the country. ...

  • WORKERS fear Slater layoffs to last - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, IN

    ... employee. "Yes, we've had layoffs, but we've always pulled through.".
    "This one looks a little more serious," Van Aken said. Monday's ...

  • SWANTON schools to choose tax approach; layoffs eyed - Toledo Blade, OH

    ... start Aug. 25 - because union contracts require the board to give teachers
    60 days notice before layoffs, Mr. McQuade said. His ...

  • TEACHERS recalled from layoffs - Cheboygan Tribune, MI

    ... The layoffs occurred because the number of students was expected to
    be down for the coming school year. The state pays schools on a per-pupil
    basis. ...

  • FULTON board reverses vote on layoffs - Peoria Journal Star, IL

    ... The 21-0 vote against the layoffs, which were slated to take effect
    later this month, was met with applause from the dozens of county employees
    in the audience ...

No, Adam, Nepotism IS bad. From the desk of Mayor Lloyd Kaufman.


still convinced that cobain wrote live through this. nevermind lyrics. live through this lyrics. live through this review. nevermind review. similarities: milk and body parts, wordplay, rhyming conventions. compare live through this with hole's other albums. live through this is far superior. either her talent didn't exist before she met him and dried up after he died, or he wrote the majority of the album.
oreilly.com -- Online Catalog: Managing the Windows 2000 Registry - not the political o'reilly.
Unbrand America - the black spot is coming.
Troma fights the FCC
Al Franken & Bill O'Reilly fight [Note: Opens to Real Audio media]
From blogdex:

Now the suicide of Dr. David Kelly has become an "apparent" suicide and the integrity of the BBC has been called into question. This seems to be the latest in the info wars. When propaganda doesn't work, cast doubt on media sources.
"Not Playing Nice" - one source, but not the source.
See, the Democratic party is falling apart. The one good thing the Republican party has is cohesiveness. They know how to stick together. The Democrats have not been playing the game at the same level. They continue to whine and cry about fairness and rules and appeal to "the people's" emotions. One reporter stated it plainly when he said that men are not playing nice anymore. It is a no-holds barred world, where the stakes are higher, and certain people are playing to win. But the sick fact is, they are playing with people's lives, and no one is doing anything about it.