Got distracted reading some blogger pages-- I read this blog devoted to sandwiches and found this guy's site where he took a picture of himself every day he was 30.
The greatest thing since wrapped bread!
Went to links on Database Debunkings and clicked on Metacrap: Putting the Torch to Seven Straw-Men of the Meta-Utopia. Read Cory Doctorow's Bitchun' World: P2P Gone Wild and boingboing as I'd heard about Cory Doctorow before. Then did a search for
on ebay.

Looked for
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
on Google as I couldn't get into Cory Doctorow's website, and found a reference

Looked on amazon.com for
by the author
and found that
Standard Tribe
was coming out in 2004. Did a search for that title to find a review and found a
wired article about it. This led me to view a few old wired articles:
Be Here Now,
Mobile Mantras,
Wireline vs. Wireless, and
Meet the Bellbusters. Then checked out
the current issue and read about
Being Invisible.

Someone turned me on to the illegal art show website, and I checked out some artists works,
including Ashley Holt, Ray Beldner, and
Eric Doeringer. I'd like to have some of Ray's
book and shoe landscapes or
cages to decorate my sparce condo. And I like Eric Doeringer's
modern toy sets.

The site referred me to some articles. Read one about
Woods' dismay at being depicted in a number of paintings
, but got bored with the article and moved on to
the flash presentation of Lawrence Lessig's OSCON 2002 address
about free culture. Then got interested in Lessig so went to his site. but didn't stay long as I
suddenly got the urge to read William Gibson's blog.

Typed in www.williamgibson.com thinking that it would bring me to the
William Gibson site, but instead I hit
celebrity1000.com. Finally got to the
Gibson site and got referred to
a story by the Baghdad Blogger on the
Guardian Unlimited.

War We Could Not Stop
on amazon.co.uk, but not
amazon.com US. Also looked at
Cultue: Authorship, Ownership, and Intellectual Property Law
by Kembrew McLeod.